Revised Timeframes

Council is extending the timeframe for delivery of the Arts & Culture Strategy, to ensure the strategy is based on the clearest possible understanding of arts and culture in Hepburn. We’ll be conducting further sector and community conversations shortly, and will provide updates and information via this page.

Project Overview

Hepburn Shire is rich in arts and culture. Arts and culture play a valuable role in enhancing social connectedness and community wellbeing and contribute in many ways to the Shire’s identity, liveability and sustainability. Council recognises that arts and culture means different things to different people and that this continues to change as communities and places evolve. Supporting creativity of all forms develops our local talent, sustains our local traditions, and connects us to each other. Council is committed to working with the communities of Hepburn Shire to support and promote the continued development of this vital aspect of community identity. We are excited to invite the community to be a part of developing the very first Hepburn Arts and Culture Strategy.

Our Community Vision speaks about an inclusivity, embracing innovation and fostering partnerships. Hepburn’s first Arts and Culture Strategy (2022-2026) will provide a roadmap for the role of arts and culture in making progress towards that vision. The first step in developing the strategy is the creation of a shared vision that community, creative sector and Council can work toward. The strategy will define key priority areas where Council can play a dynamic and supportive role in strengthening the provision of existing services, programs and facilities so that the creative community can thrive. Measurable objectives will be developed to support each key priority area. An implementation plan including strategies, partnerships, activities and resources will be created to act as a roadmap for achieving our shared vision.

How to Participate

The first phase of engagement has now finished. Thank you to all the community members and creative people who participated in the focus group sessions and submitted survey responses. You can still participate in helping to inform our Arts and Culture Strategy through the following activities:

We’ll shortly be adding a new on-line survey as part of the second phase of engagement, to help us better understand what types of cultural experiences Hepburn Community members participate in currently, or would consider participating in if they were more available locally.

Community Focus Group Sessions

Creative community conversations about arts and culture were held across our Shire in mid-2022 in Daylesford, Trentham, Clunes and Creswick and five additional sessions were held online.

In early 2023 we’ll be heading back into our communities with a series of pop-up engagements to learn more about the way our community members like to engage with arts and culture.

Next Steps

The expertise and input from the community and our creative sector is very important to the success of this strategy. We thank you all for participating in the activities to date. Analysis of the feedback has informed initial strategy development, and has highlighted some sectors and audience groups whose voice hasn’t yet been adequately heard. As a result we are extending the timeframe for strategy development in order to conduct a stage 2 targeted consultation. We’ll also re-open avenues for everyone in Hepburn who is yet to have their say to contribute to our understanding of arts and culture in the shire. The draft strategy will be available for feedback by April 2023, prior to being endorsed by Council. We will keep you up to date on the progress of the Arts and Culture Strategy via this page and Council's e-newsletter, Hepburn Life. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter at