Changes to Pearman Street in Creswick

The section of Pearman Street that runs along the Creswick Creek between Water and Victoria Streets will receive a kerb and channel upgrade after a contract was awarded at the Council meeting in February 2022.

What does this mean?

There will be an upgrade of the road, formalisation of drainage and the construction of pedestrian footpath links. The proposed new footpath will ultimately connect Calembeen Park and the Creswick Community Park with the soon to be developed Hammon Park precinct.

The upgraded road will become one-way from Water to Victoria Streets (south to north) with a provision for two-way traffic access to the CFA for emergency vehicles.

Council invited community input on this proposal in December 2021 and January 2022.

Read the Pavement reconstruction works designs and see a cross section of the design below.

Frequently asked questions on this project

Q. Why will the road proposed to be one-way?

A. The existing footprint was unable to fit two lanes of traffic whilst constructing a footpath, protecting the existing trees and maintaining access to the adjacent properties. The road sits on part of Creswick’s flood defences so there is limited ability to modify levels of the roadway.

Q. Will there be access to the CFA from the northern end?

A. Yes, provisions have been made for CFA callout traffic to access the station from both ends.

Q. Why is the one-way direction south to north (Water to Victoria)?

A. This direction of travel is the safest, as vehicles travelling northbound along Pearman Street avoid congestions at various other intersections within the vicinity of the area. Based on the most common origins of traffic using Pearman St, in general, northbound traffic can avoid:

  • Right turn Water to Albert (high traffic volume and congestion around the traffic lights)
  • Right turn Albert to Victoria (high volume traffic)
  • Left turn Pearman to Water (poor line-of-sight, poor orientation)

Q. Can bikes use the footpath?

A. Yes, the path is anticipated to be duel use.

Q. Will the trees be protected?

A. Yes, there may be some minor branch trimming, but large native trees are not planned to be removed.

Q. How does this affect the flood defence?

A. The levels will remain the same as they were designed for in 2012.

Q. Will the area be lit?

A. Existing streetlights will remain.

Cross section of the road designs showing width of road - 4m to 5.6m - and channel