Project overview

To support good governance and excellent operations, Council is reviewing the Privacy Policy, Public Interest Disclosure Policy and Council Expenses and Resources policy. These policies are due to be reviewed every four years. The 2024 updates have minor legislative changes, and are mainly administrative amendments.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy provides information about how Council will meet its obligations under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. The Policy helps the community to understand what information Council collects and holds, and how we protect their privacy. No significant changes are proposed as part of the review of this policy.

Public Interest Disclosures Policy

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 aims to encourage and assist people to report improper conduct by Council, Councillors or Council staff.

This Policy sets out procedures for how Council will manage and respond to disclosures from the public when they occur, to ensure that the person making the disclosure has their concerns heard and addressed and is not subject to reprisal. There have been no legislative changes relating to this policy, so amendments are minor.

Councillor Resources and Expenses Policy

This policy outlines the resources and support to be provided to Councillors and members of delegated committees to ensure they can perform their roles. The Local Government Act 2020 requires that Council’s provide support and reimbursement for costs Councillors incur in performing the duties of their roles, such as travel expenses.

This Policy outlines what support is available, and how Councillors can seek reimbursement and support.

There have been no legislative changes relating to this policy, so amendments are minor. They include:

  • Clarification that individual training and development provided during the first year of the Council Term will be required to be reported on as a separate expense, as for other years.
  • Update to clarify that interstate and overseas travel requires prior
  • approval by Council resolution.

  • Update to reflect change in Local Government Act Regulations to no longer require a travel register, but to require travel expenses to be included in the Annual Report.
  • Removal of the reference to Wards in accordance with the Electoral Structure Review.
  • Clarification that the Mayor can choose to take an allowance, or a vehicle while serving as Mayor.
  • Removal of duplication with Communication and Social Media Policy, which was adopted after this policy.
  • Minor amendments to language.
  • Section 9(e) of this policy relates to reimbursement for legal expenses and may change depending on the outcome of the Local Government Act reforms.

    How to participate

    We invite you to complete the short survey below to provide feedback on the draft Policies. Please read the draft policies (in the Document Library) and submit your feedback via the online form. Feedback closes 18 May 2024.

    Next steps

    Council promises to invite the community to share with us their input and ideas. We promise to listen and carefully consider the community’s feedback before making any decisions. We commit to sharing how their feedback has been considered, and, if applicable, why their feedback could not be considered.

    Following community consultation, the draft policy will be presented to the July Council Meeting for consideration. After consideration, submissions from the Community will be provided feedback via Participate Hepburn.

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