The Glenlyon township structure plan seeks to protect and enhance the existing character of the township, guiding appropriate growth and development by providing a planning framework for future private land use. It aims to protect what we value, improve future livability, empowering the Glenlyon community to thrive.

Building on the engagement findings during the initial engagement phase, the Glenlyon Township Community Panel worked together to develop a shared vision and the key objectives across the six key themes of the structure plan - housing, business and economy, environment and heritage, urban design, movement and access, community and cultural infrastructure. This work has served as the foundation for the development of the draft structure plan.

Will my property be affected?

Section 10.1 Statutory Planning, and the accompanying maps, outline the land proposed to be rezoned and new overlays to be applied. An accompanying list of properties that are affected by the proposed zoning changes across all townships, including Glenlyon, has been provided on the Township Structure Plans and in the Future Hepburn Technical Studies and Reports page, which you can access by clicking on the button below.

If your property is located in the streets listed, please review the draft Structure Plan to see what the changes may mean for you. If you are unclear, we encourage you to come and chat with us at any of the Community Information Sessions or contact us at strategicplanning@hepburn.vic.gov.au.

Next Steps

Thank you to the Glenlyon community members who have engaged with us on the draft Rural Hepburn strategy and township structure plans. Your feedback is being collated and considered as we work toward the final drafts. An Engagement Summary Report will summarise the feedback and Council's response. Council will consider the final draft, inclusive of any feedback, before proceeding to adoption later in 2024.

A planning scheme amendment is required to give effect to the strategic directions within the structure plan. This process will involve an additional phase of community engagement and further submission opportunities.

We encourage you to register for Council's e-newsletter Hepburn Life to receive updates on these activities.