Project overview

Council is committed to improving the Shire’s liveability as well as understanding, protecting and enhancing the values and character of the whole Shire: including its townships and rural areas.

To do this, it has launched Future Hepburn, a once in a generation platform of major strategic projects.

Future Hepburn consists of several projects including (but not limited to):

We’ve heard from the community that it’s important to protect Hepburn Shire’s rural lifestyle, the look and feel of our townships, environment, heritage and productive farming land. Future Hepburn projects will guide future growth and appropriate development by protecting what we value and improving liveability as we look towards 2050.

  • Integrated Transport Strategy

    The Integrated Transport Strategy will plan for a local transport system that can efficiently and safely connect people to their everyday needs, catering for residents, workers and visitors alike.

    It will recognise the need for better transport connections within and between townships in Hepburn Shire and to places beyond.

    SURVEY OPEN: 18 September - 22 October 2023

    Share your ideas on how we can improve movement through the region.

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  • Rural Hepburn

    THANK YOU to those who participated in the April – May 2023 survey, we appreciate your feedback and input.

    Rural Hepburn will provide a comprehensive planning and action framework to manage the use of private rural land (land outside the five main townships) across the whole Shire or the next 30 years.

    The Rural Hepburn Community Survey Report is now on display.

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  • Township Structure Plans

    THANK YOU to all that participated in Surveys and Community Conversations between May and July 2023, we appreciate your feedback and input.

    Shire wide, 499 people completed the online survey and 105 people attended Community Conversations.

    Engagement Reports of these survey findings are now on display.

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  • Community Engagement Pool

    We are looking for people to come together to participate in various activities including surveys, focus groups, workshops and interviews. You can be involved as little or as much as you like.

    Stay up to date on these activities and help shape the future of Hepburn Shire!

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What happens next

The next phase for the Township Structure Plans will be to further explore your priorities in the upcoming co design workshops in late October and early November. In early 2024 your feedback alongside input from research and technical studies will shape the development of the draft township structure plan that will be released for public comment.

The final step is adoption of these structure plans which is earmarked for mid 2024.

The next phase for Rural Hepburn is the development of the draft Strategy. The draft Strategy to be released later in 2023 when we will seek your ideas and comments once more, after that it will be revised in response to your input.

The final step is for Council to consider a draft strategy at a meeting in early 2024.

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