Project Overview

The Hepburn Shire has already reached 43 percent renewable and to ensure greater levels of rooftop solar, community batteries were an important element identified in the Hepburn Z-NET Community Transition Plan. Hepburn Z-NET is a collaborative partnership bringing together community groups, organisations, experts and Council to shift the Hepburn Shire to zero-net energy by 2025 and net-zero emissions by 2030.

The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) has been funded to plan community batteries across the Hepburn Shire as part of State Governments’ Neighbourhood Battery Initiative. The Hepburn Shire Council and Hepburn Energy are key partners on this project and will be working with the community to understand local priorities regarding community batteries.

The project, called ‘Community Sparks’ will assess the feasibility of five community battery sites in the Hepburn Shire, work on a decision-making tool for regional communities and will also explore a single potential battery site for six other Local Government Areas (LGA) in the region.

Next Steps

The purpose of this project is to determine local priorities, challenges and opportunities in regards to community batteries. This is an early-stage project - consultants are also assessing the technical and financial feasibility of such local projects. All findings will be aggregated and anonymous, no identifying details will be used in any published information.

Survey findings will be used to produce a report that will be made publicly available to stakeholders as well as community education materials that will help to inform the community about what the future of community batteries could look like for the Hepburn Shire community. The final report will be made available on the Hepburn Z-NET website.

Blue and white solar panels