Community update - May 2021

On Tuesday 11 May the Victorian Government announced $3.5M funding towards the Trentham Community Hub through the Regional Infrastructure Fund. This is fantastic news for the community, and construction is expected to begin next year. The total cost of the project is estimated at $4.62M, of which Council will contribute at least $800,000. Read our media release on the funding announcement.

We have also completed consultation on the final draft concept design for the hub. Thank you to everyone who had their say and provided input. We had a lot of positive support for the revised design and we're looking forward to delivering this project for the community.

Council will now consider formally adopting the concept design, after which a planning permit for the project will be submitted. Detailed design will follow.

Community update - April 2021

The design of the Trentham Community Hub has been revised based on feedback from the community survey conducted in the second half of last year (see survey results in document library).

We had a great response to our engagement with the community and received a lot of useful and constructive feedback on the draft design. We’ve spent the last few months analysing the feedback and revising the design to keep all the aspects the community liked, and to improve other elements highlighted by the community. The Project Advisory Group (PAG), made up of community members, has been highly involved in this stage. This revised design is the draft Final Concept Design, which Council will consider for adoption in June.

The survey feedback (see document library) was very positive on a number of elements, including interior and exterior design, materials and character, natural light inside the facility, incorporating the Mechanics Institute building, and visitor information design.

The greatest amount of critical feedback related to increasing the hall capacity in order to accommodate functions with a greater number of people.

In the revised design (see document library), the hall is significantly larger, and there is more space for community activities.

The table below compares the sizes of some of the spaces of the previous design to the revised design.


Previous Design

Revised Design

% change

Hall Size – square metres




Hall Capacity – standing/school assembly (with stage) - number of people




Hall Capacity - standing/school assembly (without stage) - number of people




Hall Capacity - function seated (with stage) - number of people




Hall Capacity - function seating (without stage) - number of people




Kitchen – square metres





*current Library in Albert St. is approx. 150m2




(+30% larger than current library)




The revised design incorporates a portable stage, which increases flexibility and usable space in the hall. This solution was supported by the majority of community in the survey. Storage space has been maximized where possible. Accessibility has been improved by utilizing a ‘step-ramp’ at the main rear entrance, close to the accessible car parking.

The library will now be accommodated in the Mechanics Hall, which will still be renovated to restore the original interior materials and exterior form. The use of the Mechanics Institute as the library is a great reflection of the history of facility, as Mechanic’s Institutes are the precursors of public libraries in Victoria.

The cypress trees in the north east corner of the site will need to be removed for the facility – an arborist’s assessment has determined that the trees are in poor health and are a safety risk. As part of the new facility, appropriate trees will be planted.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the drop-in sessions in April and May, and provided feedback on the designs.

Trentham Animation Video

Community update - February 2021

A big thanks to everyone who completed the survey on the draft concept design for the Trentham Community Hub late last year. We had an excellent response (184 people) and lots of useful feedback.

Now that the caretaker and Council election period is over, the Project Advisory Group has resumed its work, chaired by ward councillor Brian Hood, and is meeting fortnightly. Council’s project team, informed by the PAG, has analysed the community feedback and is making changes to the design to incorporate this feedback as much as possible. We’re keeping up the momentum so the project can move along, whilst making sure we get the design right at this concept stage.

Once Councillors have had a chance to consider how the community feedback has been incorporated into the design, the amended design will be exhibited in another round of community engagement in coming months. After final feedback is incorporated, Council will consider adopting the concept plan. This enables Council to pursue external funding for the construction stage of the project, and the detailed design to be completed.


The Trentham Community Hub will be a significant facility for the Coliban Ward community, located at 66 High Street, Trentham, and incorporating the original elements of the Trentham Mechanics Institute and new additions.

The Trentham Community Hub will include a new library, Visitor Information Centre, Council customer service, meeting and function rooms, and the original main hall.

A Project Advisory Group (PAG), made up of community members, is in place, inputting into the design to help achieve community needs, as well as communicate with the broader community on the project.

Council has committed funding to the design stage of the project, and community consultation has occurred on a draft design. The PAG is currently considering all the input from this consultation, and how to amend the design to incorporate the feedback.

Once a design has been developed, Council will seek external funding for the construction stage of the project.

Trentham Community Hub – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What functions are included in the scope?

The Trentham Community Hub will include a new library, Council customer service desk,visitor information centre, as well as the community hall plus meeting rooms.

Which location has been chosen for the Trentham Community Hub?

Council have committed to developing the Trentham Community Hub on the site of the Mechanics Hall – 66 High Street.

Are we keeping the Mechanics Hall?

Yes, the original hall will be retained and incorporated as part of the new facility. Updates will need to be made to the hall to ensure compliance with current building standards. The original internal and external materials will be renovated and repaired.

How much will it cost?

The total project cost is approximately $4.6M.

How is it being funded?

Council is providing $800,000 towards the project, with the balance to be sought via external funding opportunities.

How was this scope developed?

In a 2018 community survey, the majority of the community supported the High St. option, and Council subsequently committed in a Council resolution to the scope of the project.

How have community needs been considered in the development of the design?

The community needs have been identified in the following ways:

  • The Trentham Community Facilities Audit, developed in partnership between Council and the community, identified the benefits a community hub would bring to Trentham.
  • The community has provided feedback into previous design schemes and this has been considered in the design.
  • A Project Advisory Group (PAG) comprising community members has worked closely with the design team on community priorities. The PAG members were chosen though an open expression of interest process, to best represent the broad range of needs for the Trentham and Coliban Ward community.
  • A draft concept design was used to gain community feedback through a thorough community engagement process in August 2020.
  • The feedback from the community engagement process was analysed and used to revise the design to improve how it will meet community needs by creating a more flexible and adaptable facility.

How did the community provide input into the design?

A survey was used to gain community feedback on the draft concept designs.

Has Council made a decision on the final design?

No, not yet. The feedback from this round of community consultation is critical to ensure the design will respond to the community’s needs. After this feedback has been considered and incorporated into the design, Council will consider the revised design for adoption.

What will happen to the artefacts stored and hung in the Mechanics Institute?

All items in the Mechanics Institute will be retained/preserved. They may be vested in relevant community groups or displayed in the new Hub once constructed.

What will the opening hours be of the new facility?

The opening hours of the new facility will be determined closer to the completion of the facility. The decision will consider community need, visitor needs, and staff and volunteering requirements. The bookable community spaces will be available during normal business hours as well as evening and weekends.

Will there be solar panels on the new Hub?

The design is allowing space to install photovoltaic solar panels.

What are the timeframes for the project?

After this consultation period, Council will be asked to adopt the concept design in June. Detailed design will then take place over the next four months. At the same time, Council will be pursuing external funding opportunities for the construction stage of the project. The construction stage will be approximately 12 months.