Sustainable Hepburn

Sustainable Hepburn is a new strategy referenced in Hepburn Shire Council’s 2021-25 Council Plan.

It falls under Focus Area 1 – A resilient, sustainable and protected environment.

The Sustainable Hepburn strategy, will be Hepburn Shire Council’s new environmental sustainability strategy providing an integrated sustainability narrative, with detailed action plans for the following strategic themes. An overarching guiding principle is to partner with and and enable Traditional Owners to lead and manage Country within Hepburn Shire.

Achieve and maintain beyond zero net emissions from council activities by installing and purchasing renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency, designing for local climates, offsetting where appropriate and providing options for low fossil fuel-based activities.

Protect and enhance biodiversity values across the Shire through restoration of natural environmental values, appropriate land use, knowledge sharing, and improved capacity of Council.

Reduce waste to landfill, increase and improve recycling and extend services across the Shire for reuse of materials and develop circular economy opportunities.

Council’s infrastructure, services and the community can adapt to the impacts of a changing climate, know what actions to take in extreme weather, are more informed about climate risk and water is valued as a vital natural resource.

Sustainable Hepburn: How to participate

Step One: Read about our four sustainability strategic themes in our short Discussion Guide.

Step Two: Answer our short survey - have your say about ways to make a difference.

Step Three: Participate in the short activities on this site - dropping pins on the map marking the areas you love and wish to protect in our natural environment and sharing ideas that will help us work together towards achieving the four key strategic themes.

Step Four: Come and visit us in person at any of the eight community pop-up sessions being held through the Shire between 3 and 12 February 2022. Details below.

Have your say - complete a survey