The delivery of outdoor fitness spaces throughout the Shire is a priority identified in the Hepburn Shire’s Recreation and Open Space Strategy to promote active and engaged communities. Development of outdoor fitness spaces in Hepburn Shire commenced in 2019/2020 with the delivery of a space in Creswick and will continue in 2020/2021 with the supply and installation of up to five outdoor fitness equipment pieces at Clunes Creek Walk and Wombat Trail, Trentham to improve physical, mental health and wellbeing opportunities for community members. In addition, the project will meet Councils vision identified in the Playspace Strategy 2020-2030 of having a network of engaging, inclusive and sustainable Playspaces that are reflective of our people and our places.

Why Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

"OFE plays a vital role in the community, allowing access to equipment that provide an opportunity to improve personal fitness and mental wellbeing. Members of the community can greatly benefit from this free and unrestricted access in their local environment. The benefits of participants regularly using OFE depend on the equipment used and intensity. Regular OFE use has been found to assist in improving performance in areas such as aerobic activity, strength, balance and flexibility. Significant evidence also shows the benefits of outdoor exercise on mental health, in comparison to indoor exercise. Some of the benefits include improved socialisation, sense of community and revitalisation." – Department of Health and Human Services

Council Officers are currently in the process of engaging a Playspace contractor for the design and installation of the equipment. Prior to the implementation, Council Officers are keen to gain input from the community into which pieces of equipment the community would like installed within the spaces.

Please review the type of the equipment documentation and complete a quick survey including your top five items noting that equipment options and images are examples only. If you require a hard copy of the survey or have any further queries regarding the installation of the Outdoor Fitness Equipment at either Clunes or Trentham, please contact Council’s Sport and Active Recreation Projects Officer Justyne Carr on 03 5321 6160 or

This project is funded in partnership with the Federal Government through the Local Road and Community Infrastructure Grant Program in addition with Clunes Landcare and Waterway Group (Clunes) and Hepburn Shire Council.


Clunes Creek, Creek Walk, Clunes

Map of the area in Clunes for equipment


A further survey will be made available through the Participate Hepburn site in the coming weeks to seek the communities feedback to some alternative locations other than Wombat Trail (as per location below) for the installation of the Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Current Suggested Location

Wombat Trail, Trentham

Stations to be installed along the pathway within the yellow rectangular box marked on the site plan. (Exact locations of the equipment to be confirmed following engagement of Playspace contractor)

Map of area in Trentham for equipment

Timeframe – Anticipated to be completed by June 2021

Budget - $117,579