Project overview

Hepburn Z-NET (Zero-Net Emission Transition) and the Z-NET Community Roundtable was formed to address the following areas at a whole of community scale:

1. Address climate change and reach zero-net emissions by 2030

2. Ensure Community and Council to work closely together to drive this transition

3. Embed social justice principles into zero-net emission and sustainability strategies.

Hepburn Z-NET is a collaborative partnership bringing together community groups, organisations, community members, experts and Council to shift the Hepburn Shire to zero-net energy by 2025 and zero-net emissions by 2030.

As a community transition, having good governance structures is key to building and delivering a zero-net emission transition plan that represents the needs of our community. Under a Collaborative Governance model, members of the Z-NET Roundtable guide delivery and the Hepburn Shire Council has a key role as the backbone for the group.

Roundtable members

The 2023/24 Z-NET Hepburn Roundtable members are:

  • Barbara Curzon-Siggers
  • Danny Kinnear
  • Darren Poinen
  • Dawn Chamberlain
  • Joe Finneran
  • Gregory Norman
  • John Learmonth
  • Juliet Summers
  • Katherine Lewisohn
  • Liz Burns
  • Maree Grenfell
  • Michelle Stephenson
  • Sandra Barnfield
  • Stuart Jonas

Councillor Representative - Councillor Tim Drylie

Z-NET Secretariat – Manny Pasqualini (Hepburn Shire Council), Taryn Lane (Hepburn Energy).

Cover of the Community Transition Plan