Ten-year Financial Plan

Council has prepared the draft 10-year Financial Plan to support the draft Community Vision and the Council Plan. Council has sought input during the various engagement phases of the Hepburn Together project including the Community Panel, online surveys, community pop up sessions and collaborative workshops. This feedback has helped to shape the draft Financial Plan.

The 2021-2031 Financial Plan drafted by Council is a requirement of the Local Government Act 2020. The Financial Plan outlines the resources required to:

  • Deliver the Council Plan and ensure we are investing in assets that the community values
  • Ensure that our services remain affordable and accessible for our community
  • Ensure that our Shire remains financially sustainable.

The 10-year Financial Plan is designed to be a document that provides strategic, high-level financial data and trends, over the life of the plan. Specific detail about individual projects will be included in the annual budget process.

Public submissions on the plan are now closed.

Read or download the plan via the Document Library.

Council will consider the plan for adoption at a Special Meeting of Council on Tuesday 26 October 2021.


During the Hepburn Together project a number of key financial questions were asked, that have provided input to the development of the Council Plan and Financial Plan. The questions and top answers for each question are provided below.

What should Council spend more money on?

  • Infrastructure and amenity including preservation of history.
  • Sustainability and environment including climate change action, sustainability and clean energy programs.
  • Health and community services including aged care services, mental health services and family violence services.

What should Council spend less money on?

  • Council expenditure including hiring external consultants, staffing, administration and expanding their role from traditional local government roles and responsibilities.
  • Infrastructure and amenity relating to less major projects, high risk projects or those that have low socio-economic benefit.

Council has a finite amount of money to deliver projects, initiatives and services. With rate capping, Council’s income is not able to easily expand to accommodate new projects, initiatives or services. If new projects, initiatives or services were commissioned by Council – what is your view on how they should be funded?

  • 50% - Council to obtain grant monies to fund projects
  • 24% - I want Council to use its current funding pool
  • 18% - I would be happy to pay more rates
  • 8% - I already pay enough rates.