Hepburn Shire Council is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of its residents through public health principles and the social determinants of health. Council has been working towards actions outlined in the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025.

This plan was developed through community and stakeholder engagement, data analysis and with Victorian State Government direction. The four priority areas that we felt most reflect communities' wants and needs were identified as:

  • Tackling Climate Change and its Impacts on Health,
  • Increasing Healthy Eating,
  • Improving Mental Wellbeing, and
  • Prevention of All Forms of Violence.

To evaluate the impact of the actions and work taken throughout the lifespan of the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, Council is seeking your participation in the Health and Wellbeing Survey. This survey has been designed in partnership with Central Highlands Rural Health and the Grampians Public Health Unit, to give us an insight into the health and wellbeing indicators of our community that conventional data streams cannot provide.

The results of this survey, together with data and evidence from our stakeholders, will provide the foundation for Council to develop our next Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and all information provided will remain confidential and anonymous. Your responses help to ensure that the work we are doing is meaningful and identifies areas for improvement, so that we are always working towards improving the health and wellbeing of our communities.