Budget Overview

Council has adopted its Budget for the 2022-2023 financial year. Council has undertaken an extensive process to develop and deliver a fiscally responsible budget.

The Budget aims to achieve the actions identified within the Community Vision and Council Plan, whilst balancing community expectations and Council's physical and financial resources. The $58.06 million Budget represents a total revenue increase of $15.24 million due to a considerable injection of State and Federal capital grants and stimulus project funding.

The past two years have been particularly challenging for our community and Council acknowledges the significant social and economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the severe weather events in our Shire. Along with allocating funding for the provision of over 100 services to the community, this budget includes a considerable investment in asset renewal and construction, all of which support the social and economic recovery of our Shire.

We look forward to delivering these important projects with and for the benefit of our community over the 2022-2023 financial year.

Investment across the Focus Areas

A responsive, adaptive, and resilient community that addresses changes to our climate and biodiversity.

Sustainability - To guide and support Council and the community in the development of innovative sustainable practices that ensure the preservation of limited resources. ($122,000)

Natural Resource Management - In partnership with the community, natural resources are managed to ensure their conservation, enhancement and control. ($142,000)

Waste Management and Cleaning services - This service is to deliver high quality kerbside waste and recycling collection services, and general waste management which includes transfer stations, transporting materials, public place bins, disposing of waste, street cleaning, rehabilitating closed landfills and other waste management services. ($5.065M)

Emergency Management - We work with the community and response agencies to develop robust and innovative plans to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies. ($228,000)


Employment of an officer to work on opportunities for a Circular Economy ($110,000).

Delivering actions included in the Sustainable Hepburn Strategy, which will be adopted in early 2022/23.

A community that values connection, supports diversity, health and wellbeing, and is inclusive of all people and their needs.

Assets, Roads and Maintenance - With forward planning, the timely intervention and replacement of infrastructure assets is programmed to maximise serviceability of assets and minimise escalating maintenance costs. This proactive management of assets also allows long term financial demands for asset renewal works to be anticipated and planned for. ($12.955M)

Family Services - This service provides leadership in the planning and development of early years services and programs and in partnership with community and service providers facilitate integrated and co-ordinated service provision including maternal and child health. ($641,000)

Library services - This service provides, through our public libraries, a welcoming space that develops strong and connected communities, supports a culture of reading and improves quality of life. ($433,000)

Recreation - This service provides proactive and planned approach to the maintenance, renewal and upgrade of recreation assets, and provide strategic direction for future recreation and aquatic facilities. ($831,000)

Community development - This service seeks to identify and create opportunities with residents to participate in enhancing community health and wellbeing. ($1.285M)

Environmental health - To provide a range of public health programs including food safety throughout the community which focus on a preventative approach to health and aim to minimise future problems. ($443,000)

Parks and Open Space - This service provides well-presented Parks and Gardens, Public Open Space and Sporting Fields for the enjoyment, amenity and wellbeing of our community and visitors to the Shire. ($2.222M)

Compliance - Through education and Local Law enforcement, including animal management, the Compliance Department provides a safe community for all to enjoy. ($483,000)


* Hammon Park Trail Head ($1.41M).

* Trentham Sports Ground ($1.69M).

* Implementation of the Aquatics Strategy ($263,000).

* Investment in the Positive Aging Strategy, including funding a Positive Aging Officer and Inclusion Officer.

* Construction of the Trentham Community Hub ($4.4M).

We acknowledge and empower the Traditional Owners and other cultures of our area to protect our historical roots while planning for future generations.

Statutory and Strategic Planning - Activities to ensure responsible current and future land use planning and compliance with planning permits and controls. This will also ensure that statutory planning, investment and decision making for the Shire is relevant to the needs of the community and provides a sustainable base for future generations. ($2.548M)

Property and Facilities - To make decisions on property management arrangements that are underpinned by service plans, the long-term financial plan and a minimisation of risks. ($739,000)

Building - To provide quality regulatory advice on all building matters associated with properties in the Shire. ($356,000)


* Further studies to inform Council’s Environmental Effects Statement submission regarding the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project. ($50,000)

* Continued investment in planning resources to support the increase in planning permits being processed.

Our community is enhanced by a diverse and resilient economy that supports local aspirations through opportunity.

Economic Development and Tourism - To facilitate Hepburn Shire continuing to be a recognised tourist destination and to foster appropriate economic development, which increases employment and business opportunities. ($935,000)

Youth - This service seeks to engage our young people, invest in them now and create community leaders for the future. ($175,000)


* Implementation of Youth 'ACE' Strategy

* Continuation of the Economic Development Strategy.

Council and community partner to achieve aspirations through excellent communication and engagement, the delivery of effective services, strong financial management and governance.

Financial Services - To deliver efficient and effective allocation of resources through sound financial planning and management, that is guided by the long-term financial plan and secures the financial viability of the municipality. ($1.497M)

ICT - To provide the highest quality technology-based services, in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate the delivery of services to Council and the community. ($1.821M)

Culture and Performance - Provide a high level of service and support to the organisation for recruiting and retaining qualified and diverse staff, facilitating positive employee relations, developing and delivering training to enhance employee skills and capabilities, measuring employee performance and satisfaction, and providing industrial relations advice to contribute to Council’s organisational effectiveness. ($818,000)

Customer Experience - To provide consistent, high quality customer service, by managing, resolving, and preventing problems; empowering and educating our customers with self-service tools and solutions; communicating effectively; and exceeding customer expectations which will enable Council and our community to reach their goals. ($871,000)

Governance and Risk - Good governance is provided through the development and implementation of policies and procedures that support good decision making. ($1.652M)

Communications - Council delivers effective communication through varied channels to inform the community about Council news and information. ($252,000)


* Council is committed to the improvement of its ICT infrastructure and in addition to maintaining a higher level of recurrent budget to enhance day-to-day capability. It is also investing in a number of capital works projects to improve infrastructure, which will benefit both residents and staff.

* A Customer Service Strategy is being undertaken in the current financial year with outcomes being rolled out in 2022/23. This is an organisation-wide project, which aims to improve customer service outcomes from all departments.


Mayor Tim Drylie and Council Chief Executive Officer Bradley Thomas outlined major highlights and key messages from the Draft Budget 2022-2023 at a live webinar held on Wednesday May 18.

Watch a recording of the webinar.