Daylesford Speedway

At the meeting on 17 May 2022, Council approved a new Lease for the Daylesford Speedway Driver’s Association at the Basin Reserve. This came after significant community feedback regarding the consideration for a renewal of lease.

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The Basin Recreation Reserve is located on the Ballan-Daylesford Road, Daylesford. The land is Crown Land that was reserved in 1987 for Public Recreation and Council has been appointed to manage.

The Speedway was established by the local community in the 1950s. Daylesford Speedway Drivers Association Inc (DSDA) has leased this land (part of the reserve) from Council as a speedway racing track since 1987.

Review of lease

Officers are currently undertaking a review of the Daylesford Speedway at the Basin Recreation Reserve in order to make a recommendation to Council for the possible renewal of a lease to DSDA.

As part of the review, Council invites community feedback in relation to the current use and/or other potential issues or uses for this site. The length of lease may be up to six-years with the option for an extension for a further six years.


If you have any questions, please contact us at the Property Officer at