The Creswick Town Hall and Municipal Offices were constructed as one building in 1876 by builder J. Boulton, thirteen years after the creation of the Borough. The design of the building was the subject of an architectural competition, the winner of which was the architect W.R.H. Creber. After 146 years the Creswick Town Hall is still a beautiful building today and stands proudly in the centre of town.

The aim of this project is to restore the heritage building to its original grandeur and protect the asset in line with the recommendations made in consultation with Heritage Victoria. This will involve both internal and external improvements to the structure including repairs and painting to windows and doors, repairs to address cracking in the masonry and remediation of the chimney and parapet. As well, accessibility improvements will be made to the main hall, general repairs will be carried out on the roof and gutters to prevent water ingress, and a new flagpole with an access ladder will be installed.

The project will benefit the community in the following ways:

  1. It will stimulate the local economy by utilising goods, services and trade where possible;
  2. It will improve the amenity and accessibility of the Creswick Town Hall;
  3. It will preserve, restore and rejuvenate an important community asset for current and future generations; and,
  4. It will reduce future maintenance costs for the building.

The contract for this important building conservation project was awarded to heritage restoration specialists, SIDA Constructions at the August 2022 Council meeting. Permits have since been approved and the site handed over to the builder to commence works. Powercor have made the surrounding powerlines safe for scaffolding to be erected, which will commence late October. Render repairs and painting of the façade and clock tower will then follow.

Creswick Town Hall - 1877