Project Completion

The Creswick Town Hall condition upgrade project is nearing completion with scaffolding being removed, unveiling the varied and amazing skills which have gone into this fantastic conservation project.

The Caretaker’s Cottage, projector box and a chimney are the last items to be finished off with the clock faces and mechanism having been cleaned, painted, and serviced before being put back in use.

The paint, flagpole, roofing elements, glazing replacement, joinery work, clock tower access ladder, cast iron cresting remediation and chimney works all look incredible and have secured the building for future generations.

Project Update - February 2023

Repairs to the Creswick Town Hall have been progressing well, with recent fine weather providing perfect conditions for masonry and render repairs to the outside of the building, along with replacement of roofing and spouting sections.

The decorative orbs and bases (poised on various points on the parapets - see images below) have been carefully removed for repairs and in some cases completely reproduced in the builder’s workshop.

Windows and joinery have been stripped back and repaired with damaged and cracked glasing replaced and puttied back in place ready for painters to start. The old flagpole has been removed and a new timber flagpole is being crafted and will be repainted prior to installation.

The cresting cast iron elements have been carefully disassembled, cleaned and repaired ready for paint and installation once new copper roofing has been installed on the top of the clock tower. Paint work will start soon, along with installation of new access ladders installed inside the tower.

Original orbs, replicated orb and orbs in milk crates

Images: Original orb removed for repair and replication; a finished orb; new and repaired orbs and bases ready for transportation to site.


A project to beautify the iconic Creswick Town Hall and protect it for generations began in October 2022.

The works include external repairs and painting of the building, windows and doors; general repairs to eliminate water ingress; masonry improvements including to chimneys and parapets; repairs to the roof and gutters, along with accessibility improvements to the main hall and a new flagpole.

This is such a historic and important building for Creswick, right in the heart of the town. It will be exciting to see it being restored to its original grandeur, so the community can make the most of this wonderful asset.

Council awarded the contract to heritage restoration specialists SIDA Constructions at the Council meeting in August 2022. The scope of works includes roof repairs, window and door repairs, external repairs and painting, and flagpole replacement.

The bio box, which was added to the building in 1941, will remain in place due to the additional cost of its removal and in response to community feedback. Three independent conservation architects had recommended removal, but it came down to the increased costs of the project, and community sentiment.

Creswick Town Hall - 1877