Update - December 2023

At the December Council meeting, Council adopted the Leases and Licences Policy and Disposal and Acquisition of Land Policy.

The final adopted policies can be viewed on our website.

Project overview

Hepburn Shire Council manages an extensive property portfolio. Council owned and managed land is a valuable public asset, and it is essential that it is managed carefully to maximise social, environmental, and economic benefits to the Hepburn Shire community.

The existing Policy 09 (C) - Council Owned & Controlled Property was adopted by Council in January 1997. The policy review has resulted in two updated policies:

  • Policy 09 (C) - Leases & Licences; and
  • Policy 93 (C) - Disposal & Acquisition of Land.

The two new policies are being developed to complement applicable legislation and related policies, guidelines and strategies and to provide a framework for decisions about Council property. At the core of both policies is the intention of maximising the community benefit and public value from the management of Council’s property portfolio with a consistent, equitable and transparent approach to decision-making reflecting best practice.

Council Policy 09 (C) – Leases & Licences

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this policy. It has been developed to specifically deal with the process for leasing and licensing of Council property. It can be a complex issue, particularly where there are competing interests within the community. This policy applies to leases and licences for all Council property assets, including land and facilities on Crown and freehold land, occupied by community groups, not-for-profit organisations, private individuals, and commercial entities. The policy is designed to apply a consistent, equitable and transparent approach when considering, negotiating and finalising all occupancy agreements for the use of public land. All use of Council owned or managed land will be formalised through binding agreements.

Council Policy 93 (C) – Disposal & Acquisition of Land

Thank you to everyone who provided ideas and feedback. This policy provides a framework to guide decision making in relation to the sale and acquisition of land and applies to all Council freehold land or land vested in Council. Council responds to the needs of the community by selling surplus land and strategically acquiring additional properties. The policy outlines Council’s principles and is intended as a framework that will assist Council in the process of acquiring and disposing of land.

Next steps

We recognise the value public property can deliver to the community and will carefully consider the community’s feedback relating to these policies. The community’s feedback will be reported to Council as part of the consideration of the adoption of these policies at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 19 December 2023.

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