Project overview

The Community-led Recovery Project aims to strengthen the capacity and capability of communities impacted by the storms and floods of 2021/22 by supporting them to plan for and lead their own recovery.

Working with established community planning groups, and the impacted communities of Bullarto, Glenlyon, Lyonville and Trentham, we will identify and fund projects, initiatives and activities that align with existing community plans and priorities.

The Community-led Recovery Project is made possible through funding by Emergency Recovery Victoria.

How to participate

Throughout the project there will be opportunities for Bullarto, Glenlyon, Lyonville and Trentham community members to show their support for priority projects, initiatives or activities considered for funding.

These opportunities will be promoted via our social media channel, website and on this page.

Next steps

We will continue to provide regular updates throughout the project following engagement with local community planning groups and organisations in Bullarto, Glenlyon, Lyonville and Trentham.

Frequently asked questions

The Community-Led Recovery Project is part funded by Emergency Recovery Victoria (ERV) in response to the 2021/22 storms.

ERV has allocated funds to the four communities most impacted by these storms (Bullarto, Glenlyon, Lyonville and Trentham) to assist with their recovery as well as build their resilience for future emergencies.

Resilience refers to the ability to recovery from, or adapt to, unplanned change. To build resilience often means to develop plans and skills to be better prepared and ready for change.

The Community-led Recovery Project is to reflect the needs, character and capacity of each of the four communities. Opportunities to be involved will therefore vary from providing input into the projects development to assisting with its implementation.

Each opportunity will be promoted on this page as well as through community networks, posters and Council's Facebook page.

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