Chatfield Reserve Landscaping Plan Consultation

Chatfield Reserve is a high profile part of the busy Lake Daylesford precinct. It has been identified that Chatfield Reserve needs rejuvenation to link the Lake foreshore area with the Bleakley Street path, and to improve the accessibility and visual amenity of the Reserve.

Council has been working with the Friends of Lake Daylesford to produce the first draft of a landscape plan for Chatfield Reserve that will guide future works. The proposed plan addresses the steep path up to Bleakley Street and includes landscaping improvements to beautify the area.

We are now interested to receive feedback from the wider community regarding the draft plan for Chatfield Reserve and to incorporate this feedback into the final design (where possible). Please review the plans (below) and then complete the quick poll (right) to indicate if you like or dislike the plan. You can also leave comments if you wish.

We look forward to hearing from you.