Project overview

Daylesford has been selected as the home of the Big Rainbow by popular vote. Council considered a number of factors and settled on Victoria Park as the location of the Big Rainbow. Read our media release on the decision.

We asked the community for local knowledge to help Council decide on the site.

During this engagement we:

  • Informed key stakeholders and the community about the project and the opportunity to engage
  • Shared information about the four shortlisted site options and how they have been chosen
  • Identified relevant stakeholder and community knowledge relevant to the final sites
  • Gathered local knowledge that informed Council’s decision making.


Big Rainbow in the Victoria Park setting

The feedback received from the community was used to inform a report to Council. Council made a decision on the final location of the Big Rainbow at the Ordinary Meeting on 20 December. The decision will be made on site suitability, and community and stakeholder feedback, as well as access, compliance, impact, risk, amenity and cost.

Council decided that the Big Rainbow will be located at Victoria Park for a period of three years.

Victoria Park was selected as the preferred location based on the current use of the site, community and advisory committee feedback, its long connection with the ChillOut Festival, and the scale of the installation.

Council believes that the Big Rainbow will bring opportunities for the local visitor economy, enhance our community’s reputation for championing diversity and for building community partnerships.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their views and provided feedback.

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