A home in Hepburn Shire

Project overview

Hepburn Shire Council knows that it is getting harder for people to find a home in the local area that they can afford and meets their needs. It is affecting people on lower incomes but also people in key jobs that we need to support our services and local business like hospitality, tourism, farm workers, nurses and other carers.

Most factors that drive housing affordability are outside the direct control or responsibility of local government and/or the community. However, there are some actions that we can take to encourage and create the right conditions to make more affordable housing available in the Shire.

In April 2021, Council adopted an Affordable Housing Policy recognising that access to safe and affordable housing was an emerging and critical local issue. We are now developing a strategy and action plan to do what we can to make a difference.

Council adopted its Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan - A Home in Hepburn Shire on 19 September 2023.

Thank you to the many community members who have been involved in this project. We appreciate your feedback and input.


This project has been informed by considerable community feedback since 2022.

Stage 1 community engagement and a Background report were completed in December 2022. A summary of the findings and feedback is available in the Summary of Findings document. More detail is in the Background Report.

In February 2023 we hosted an Affordable Housing Forum (Stage 2 community engagement), which brought more than 40 people from around the Shire together to discuss perspectives, ideas and priorities around improving access to affordable housing and Council's role.

Council developed a draft Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan, which includes 26 actions across four themes, including Community and partnerships, Advocacy, Land use planning and regulation, and Incentives and investment.

Feedback on the draft led to the final strategy and action plan, A Home in Hepburn Shire.